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Gippsland Adventure Therapy is a youth wellbeing service that aims to increase participants mental and physical health and wellbeing. We mostly run sessions outside and our priority is your emotional and physical safety with every session being tailored for you to be inclusive and accessible

We use the empirically supported therapeutic approach of 'Feedback Informed Treatment' to ensure that we are at all times focusing on our participants needs and what they find useful to increase their mental and physical health. 

This is done by facilitating adventure and mindfulness activities in the outdoors and nature.  

The rest is unique to what you find ‘fun, safe and useful’.

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Gippsland Adventure Therapy is a licensed tour operator with Parks Victoria and an affiliated member with Outdoors Victoria.

Who are we: About

Our focus is on delivering the service to:

  • Young people in the care of DFFH

  • Young people currently supported by childhood agencies 

  • Adolescents at risk of disengaging from education and community, or who are dealing with challenges in their life

  • Families or groups looking to repair or strengthen their connection as a unit​

  • Individuals with an NDIS self or plan managed fund

Gippsland Adventure Therapy follows the child safety standards set out by the Victorian Commission for Children and Young People and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Gippsland Adventure Therapy is committed to providing an excellent standard of care for the young people participating in the service. If anyone should be concerned that a child safety or human rights standard has been breached whilst your involvement with the service, you're encouraged to contact the Commission for Children and Young People via the link below.

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Gippsland Adventure Therapy is a Friend of the Outdoor Therapy Centre.

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