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Find connection through experiencing a sense of wonderment at the beauty of nature. Why not throw in some nature art or geocaching to add an element of focus to the session.



This age old adventure activity has long be used to facilitate some strong emotions in participants, not always positive. Abseiling doesn't always need to be off a cliff! The physical attributes of having a rope connecting people can open areas of conversation on how we can support, communicate with and trust each other. Ever abseiled off your balcony or out of a tree?



We are so privileged to have access to the Labertouche Cave system. These caves play host to some species of fauna endemic to this area. A cave environment can create a special opportunity to develop clear communication within relationships and allow us to explore our resilience to stress.



A fun engaging experience that can be easily adapted to most abilities. We have plenty of options around Gippsland to explore the waterways and find connection.

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Fits nicely with a nature walk. Getting our hands moving and creating something in nature, just using the materials that are at hand can be hugely satisfying and is great for engaging little people into the a positive connection with nature. Ever carved a wooden spoon by hand or lit a fire without any matches?



A sense of achievement, activation of core balance, being immersed in a very dynamic environment, surfing can give us so much. Gippsland is blessed to have many good places for beginners to safely experience the waves. Surfing can be revitalising, invigorating and healing when experienced with positive, nurturing and attuned people.



Is quiet, rhythmic and repetitive. This can help to calm our bodies and bring our brains to a place where we can talk. It's also a great activity to share with our kids.

Snorkeling Equipment


Come for a splash and immerse yourself in the underwater world. We have some beautiful coast line in Gippsland accessible to all abilities.


Whether its the rail trail, footpath or mountain bike park, riding a bike is a time honored way of enjoying the outdoors and regulating ourselves through movement. We have mountain bikes that can cater for all skill sets and Gippsland is blessed with some beautiful rail trails and top class mountain bike parks for us to enjoy. 

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