Hi, I'm Danae and my passion is supporting individuals to heal from trauma, improving family relationships and communication, and building ways to cope when we are overwhelmed.

I’ve worked in a number of roles and organisations over the last 10 years, supporting children, young people and their families to connect, heal and grow. Over this time, I have come to understand that sitting down in an office is not for everyone, so I've come to Gippsland Adventure Therapy to share the beauty and healing that we can experience within nature while having fun and developing resilience.

My service can provide you with a safe and engaging counselling session in the outdoors whilst sharing an adventure experience together. This might look like a nature walk whilst searching for geocaches, creating some nature art or coming up with our own unique adventure. Our sessions will be tailored based on what your interested in and what works for you. 

I am a PACFA Clinical Registrant (27849) who brings with me qualifications in Human and Community Services, Developmental Trauma, Forensic Behavioural Science, with a few more in Social Work and Relationship Counselling on the go.

When I’m not adventuring, you’ll find me teaching a Master of Counselling at ACAP or wrangling a giant fluffy puppy.