Wellbeing / Connection / Nature

Gippsland Adventure Therapy is committed to making your experience as tailored to your needs as possible. Here's some inspiration to get you started.

We generally offer half or full day sessions and overnight respite camps. Types of activities available will depend on the length of your session and the qualifications the facilitator. Get in touch, together we can plan something that is unique to you. Or if we can't offer you what you need, we'll suggest some pathways to follow. 

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If you have a self or plan managed fund we can tailor something that fits your needs and funding options.

Our Service is in line with your Core Supports or Capacity Building funding and can be tailored to suit your NDIS plan goals. 

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We work together to set goals, plan experiences and facilitate a positive change in your mental, physical and social wellbeing.

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We can offer group sessions for pre-established groups. Sessions are tailored to your groups needs and aimed at being useful to create positive memories and increase wellbeing. 



Meet Koda Doug's canine companion. Koda and Doug have been certified as a human/canine team able to deliver animal assisted therapy sessions. Koda has worked along side of Doug since she was a puppy. She can bring a welcome distraction when dealing with difficult topics, she's cute, has tonnes of attitude and is terrified of all hooved animals, which for a border collie is quite unique. If you'd like to invite her along to a session she loves fetching a ball or going for a nature walk in nearby bushland, provided there's not too many cows nearby.


Please note Koda only accompanies Doug for sessions.

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Gippsland Adventure Therapy can tailor a 3 day weekend respite camp for young people in need. This service is aimed at childhood agencies working with vulnerable young people. We will supply min of two facilitators, staff have extensive experience working with young people with developmental trauma, have diverse qualifications in psychotherapy, psychology, youth work or adventure guiding.



Access our clinically trained and PACFA accredited counsellor for an outdoor therapy session. Each session is tailored to your interests and needs.