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Welcome to the Gippsland Adventure Journal

As winter arrives it brings with it a change of pace and a chance to experience a different side of our beautiful region.

A walk to the historic Horseshoe Bend Tunnel and a hot chocolate in Walhalla. Tobogganing at Mt St Gwinear. Or listening for Lyrebirds at Mt Worth State Park.

The change of season will also bring about a big change for me and my business. From July 2021, I will be going full-time here at Gippsland Adventure Therapy. That means we will be available for bookings on weekends and throughout the week.

I want to make outdoor adventure, and the benefits that come with it, accessible to more of the Gippsland community. We can all gain a lot from being outside and in nature. Whether you want to challenge yourself, build confidence or just enjoy the outdoors – Gippsland Adventure Therapy can help you do it in a way which is safe and relevant for you.

To help keep you up-to-date with what’s coming, I’ll be doing a regular journal entry (just like this one) every month. I’ll also share with you some of this region’s hidden gems and tips for making the most of your time outdoors. Join our mailing list for updates straight to your inbox.

Finally, I’d like say a big thank you for your support and patience as I get Gippsland Adventure Therapy up and running. I can’t wait to share the rest of the journey with you all.

Yours in adventure, Doug Moczynski

Owner/Operator Gippsland Adventure Therapy

Doug Moczynski Gippsland Adventure Therapy

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