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What is Adventure Therapy: Text
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We call it an adventure because we’re never 100% sure how it’s going to turn out.


It’s therapy because we use an evidence-based approach to delivering positive therapeutic outcomes and we’re intentionally working with you to improving your wellbeing and mental health.


We mostly run sessions outside, our priority is your emotional and physical safety with every session being tailored for you to be inclusive and accessible. We’re flexible and can pivot the direction of your session to make it the best experience for you as possible.

Gippsland Adventure Therapy has the ability to facilitate engaging session for those that could benefit from adventure therapy.

We follow the ethical principals developed by the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy (AABAT), the child safety standards set out by the Victorian Commission for Children and Young People and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Gippsland Adventure Therapy is committed to providing an excellent standard of care for the young people participating in the service. If anyone should be concerned that a child safety or human rights standard has been breached whilst your involvement with the service, you're encouraged to contact the Commission for Children and Young People via the link below.

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