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We've done it!

Thanks to your overwhelming support I am now fully booked for the remainder of 2022. I am working through an influx of enquiries and thank you so much for your patience as I reply to your emails and finalise session dates.

Gippsland Adventure Therapy’s three-day weekend camps are available on request for crisis response and planned therapeutic respite and Danae Callaghan is available to offer counseling outdoors throughout 2022. New group or day sessions will be shared should they become available.

While we’ve put a hold on new session referrals for now, I’m still here to answer any questions and happy to chat about how our service might be a fit for your young person. Please continue to reach out with your enquiries.

We’ll be taking new referrals for 2023 later this year and I promise to let you know as soon as they open up.

Once again, a huge thank you to you all!

Yours in adventure,

Doug Moczynski

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