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Thank You Danae!

At the beginning of this year, I was blessed to have Danae Callaghan join the Gippsland

Adventure Therapy family in the role of Outdoor Counsellor. Danae facilitated psychotherapy in the outdoors with amazing results.

I hope you can join me in celebrating Danae as she open’s her own private practice in the Latrobe Valley “Therapeutic Healing and Counseling Gippsland”. Whilst Danae will no longer be working for Gippsland Adventure Therapy, her practice will still offer outdoor counselling as well as a range of other mental health services.

Danae’s work for Gippsland Adventure Therapy has been excellent and I will refer people to her service into the future.

Thank you for your service and for continuing to offer it to the Gippsland community.

Yours in adventure,

Doug Moczynski

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