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Therapeutic Respites

Gippsland Adventure Therapy offer tailored weekend therapeutic respites. I can help you achieve therapeutic outcomes with a weekend experience customised to the needs and interests of your young person and family.

Respites can be active and adventurous such as camping, rock-climbing, white water rafting etc or relaxing and grounding, such as spending time in nature, doing bush craft, fishing even staying in housed accommodation with heating. A weekend respite with Gippsland Adventure Therapy is a unique experience where I'll collaborate with you to plan something that is fun, safe and useful and provides you with the best possible therapeutic outcomes.

Respites are flexible and I offer a range of approaches to ensure that the experience is safe and enriching for participants. I specialise in providing experiences for complex vulnerable youth but can also provide families who need extra assistance support to get away for the weekend.

Facilitation options will depend on the level of support each participant needs. I can provide 1 to1 support or for more complex needs I can bring on additional highly trained facilitators to ensure that the experience is meeting participants needs and providing a safe weekend with positive outcomes.

How do you book?

Easy, click the RSVP button to register you’re interest to the dates provided. I’ll organise a time to connect with you to discuss your needs and desired outcomes and plan what the weekend will look like, and the level of support required.

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